Sponsored Slim: Lindy’s story

Sponsored Slim with Linda

This week we are sharing Lindy’s Story, she’s taking part in a Sponsored Slim with reasons close to heart.

What motivated you to start in the first place?

I was motivated by my employers, Age Concern hosting a Sponsored Slim to raise money for the building we work in. As a charity there simply isn’t the funding available to make improvements. I also had bought a coat at a charity event that I really wanted to fit in to! Getting sponsorship meant I had to tell people what I was hoping to achieve and in my head I was thinking “Ohhh nooo I really have to do this now!” I was heading towards going up another clothing size – something I desperately didn’t want to happen.

How did you feel throughout the 3 months?

To start with it was hard. I thought about food a lot – but by planning my week and food shop I found things easier. I don’t like exercise but I love to walk, I started walking to and from work and walking my dog. Previously, Lindy had stopped walking her dog due to struggling to keep up with her husband’s long legs and stride but now she is able to keep up and then some, which is great for all 3 of them!

The first few weeks I ached badly and craved unhealthy food… But I stuck with it and week by week the weight started to go down I stopped aching and cravings disappeared!

How does it feel to have accomplished your 3 month target?

Now at 3 months in, I can say I’m 2 whole stone lighter – I feel GREAT and feeling so WELL is now what is keeping me motivated… And I have gone down a whole clothing size! 😁

What made you ask for help?

I went to One You East Sussex because I had been before but I didn’t really listen, perhaps I wasn’t in the right mindset. This time I paid attention, they gave me gentle non judgemental encouragement and lots of tips.

My health coach recommended I filled out a food diary before I started!  It’s scary … but it really helped me realise just how much I ate.

I now know I wasn’t hungry and most of it was habit.

I was provided with leaflets full of information on better food choices and portion sizes. I guesstimate instead of measure, but I have smaller portions of protein and carbs paired with lots of fruit and vegetables.

Lindy also recommends trying to look for alternatives – she loves soya chilled desserts, they’re low fat and come in chocolate flavour!!
Perhaps my biggest change was coffee. I drank Lattes a lot but tried sweetened black coffee, it is really nice so I just have Lattes at home – I still get my coffee fix and less calories. Small changes do work!

Lindy Facts from the Sponsored Slim!

So far Lindy has lost 20 inches across her body and 2 stone in 3 months!
Lindy works for Age Concern in Eastbourne, where we currently have a Health Coach Clinic twice a week.
She has gone 3 months without eating chocolate… and doesn’t miss it!!
Lindy records everything in food diary form through our mobile app.
She has a target to get 15,000 steps a day but realistically hits 17,000 on weekdays and a slower pace on weekend.

Lindy has managed to lower her Cholesterol from 7.4 to 4.4. Her bad cholesterol has also gone down to 3.4 which is great news. At this point she is still taking medication for this but there’s positive signs that she could not need to take them soon!
Her blood pressure has returned to normal.

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