Damien stopped smoking for FREE

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Damien stopped smoking with our help. He’s smoke free, he’s saving money and he’s stopped coughing!

We asked Damien to share his quit story with us, to help support others this Stoptober.
Stoptober is a National campaign that encourages people to stop smoking. By stopping, you are doing the most important and beneficial action to improve your health.

How did you hear about One You East Sussex?

“I heard about the program after discussing a friend’s advice about the chemical intervention.”

How do you feel now you’ve stopped smoking?

“I feel much better, my aim was actually to stop coughing! It was driving me mad! And now it’s over, done… gone…”

What advice would you give to someone wanting to quit smoking?

“Make a private commitment to yourself, don’t talk it up as if you’re so special, do it , make that start, then share, then feel proud, and in time it will just be history, really there be nothing left to discuss, you will probably find yourself telling people how long you have given up for….”

How much money are you saving now you’ve stopped smoking?

“I’ve saved about 40 to 50 quid a month which is that’s great! I know some people may say that’s nothing, but with this last year being Coronavirus related, becoming unemployed and now on universal credit, it has all helped my little household.”

With our specialist support of blending behavioural change advice and Nicotine Replacement Therapy you are four times more likely to giving up cigarettes. By reaching 28 days smokefree you are five times more likely to stay quit for good.

If you’d like our help giving up cigarettes, you can fill out an online referral form here.


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