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Over the course of your 12 week programme, you’ll learn all about the importance of a balanced diet. We’ve collated some useful downloads to get you started with meal planning and tracking.

Weekly Food Diary

Food Diary 2

Keeping a diary of the foods you consume is really important as it allows us to make sure your portion sizes are correct and your nutritional needs are being met. If its too time consuming to write it all down – why not take pictures and share these with your practitioner.

Fruit & Veg Tracker

Food Tracker 2

Tracking all your meals can be daunting to some people so if that’s too much for you, then use our simple fruit and veg tracker to make sure your making the most of all the naturally good vitamins and minerals they contain. They can also help protect you against some diseases so there’s nothing stopping you from increasing your intake.

Recipe Guides

Recipe Cards

Struggling for inspiration at meal times? Our team have pulled together some of their favourite recipes that will not only meet all your nutritional needs but they also taste amaaazing!

Looking for something else?

Just because you know the importance of exercise doesn’t mean you know how to do it, when to do it or for how long. That’s where why we’re here to help.

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Be Kind Mini

Feeling good about yourself isn’t just about losing weight, here we look at some wider areas of your health which are equally as important to how you feel about yourself.

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Our team are here to help you on your journey so why not learn a little more about them.

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Join our exclusive Facebook forum and meet others on the same journey as you.

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Just look what you could achieve. Some former clients share their success stories.

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