Uckfield Female Male January 2018

“I cannot recommend this 10-week course highly enough. I was a late joiner arriving on the 2nd week weighing in at 101kgs. Over the next 8 weeks I managed to lose 7.2 kgs and 4cms from my waist.


The nutritional information presented by Rebecca was easy to understand and interesting. She gave lots of tips on food swaps and how to identify hidden sugar and fat, although I was pretty sceptical about the supermarket tour it was actually good fun.


Ali’s exercises were not too high density and could be easily done at home.


For me the most important session was portion control., I realised fairly early on that my diet was pretty good, I don’t generally eat biscuits, cakes or processed food. So I used the portion measure along with an app to totally control the amount I was eating and generally I lost weight regularly throughout the whole course and I am determined to continue – in fact one week after the last session I have lost a further 1.2 kgs.


If you are given the opportunity to attend, definitely go for it!! I found both girls extremely helpful and knowledgeable without being judgmental.


I feel so much better health wise and much more confident. Once again thank you so much for your help.